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When we set out to create a trusted online collaboration platform specifically for the likes of Nurse Anesthetists, we wanted to be sure that it met the highest expectations. With input from active Nurse Anesthetists, we were able to launch CRNA Connect in 2013.

From clinical to retirement.

Our goal is to provide a dynamic area for students and nurse anesthetists alike to leverage the power of social media and gain useful knowledge into their field. We’re ready to make a positive impact!

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Professional Board

Rory Nesbitt

Rory was born and raised in Washington State and received his BSN from Washington State University. Rory went to work in rural Washington as a RN for a few years and then decided that it was time to move to the bit city, Seattle. It was while working at the University of Washington that he began his pursuit of becoming a Nurse Anesthetist. He moved to Sioux Falls, SD to attend Mount Marty College and as part of his clinical rotations moved to Bismark, ND. Upon graduation he moved to Lansing, Michigan, where he met his wife, Rachel. Rachel's career took him to where he currently lives in Northern Virginia. He is a lucky husband and proud father of two wonderful, busy little boys (three and one).

Peter Strube

Peter D. Strube is a Nurse Anesthetist who graduated Magna Cum Laude from St. Mary’s University School of Nurse Anesthesia in 2006. He is a Major in the United States Army Nurse Corps. Peter holds a BA in Nursing (1994) from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. He earned the War on Terrorism Medal, the Enduring Freedom Medal, and the Mobilization Armed Forces Reserve Medal in May of 2003, the Iraqi Freedom and global war on terror medal in 2007, and holds numerous certificates of Achievement, Appreciation, and Training from the United States Army. He has mobilized and deployed for 3 seperate tours during our current military operations. Peter has been a member of the faculty for programs in Critical Care and in Neurosurgical Nursing as well as for emergency transport and paramedic programs. He speaks professionally around the country. Peter is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nurse Anesthesia, College of Health Professions, at Rosalind Franklin University, and is a preceptor for the program’s students. He also professionally mentors graduate students on their masters and doctoral work. He specializes in pharmacology and the business of anesthesia. Peter is very dedicated to the profession and has organized Trollway Anesthesia. Trollway Anesthesia offers top of the line education that includes cutting edge ultrasound training. The lectures and lab are given by and taught by Nurse Anesthetist’s; this is a 100% Nurse Anesthetist faculty.

Gayle Lourens


Lab Ideas


The Stream is a customized compilation of activities unique to you and those you’re following. In this real-time display, you are able to view and act on detailed social aspects of the network. As a user, you’re also able to post in the stream to gain valuable feedback from other verified users.

Green Therapy

Curbside Consult

The Curbside Consult area is a nurse practitioner’s best friend. Users are encouraged to post their toughest cases or industry conundrums for feedback. This area is specifically organized by subject and category to create a simple compilation of valuable content for future reference without repetition.

Support Team


Groups are ideal spaces to stay up-to-date on product offers, new treatment options, and special programs and offerings, all specific to Nurse Anesthetists.

Support Team


Built to keep you challenged, Games are structured around Board Review questions that help to keep things fresh. View games, compete against your peers and climb the leaderboard all in one place.

Support Team


We have specifically curated content around the Nurse Anesthetist profession.

Support Team


This is your personal space that highlights your recent interactions in CRNA Connect. Other users are able to see what your interests are, where you’ve been active on the site, and make a connection.


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